Volunteer Traditions
Service/Business: Apparel
Tasks Completed:
  • wordpress integration
  • blog integration
  • photo gallery
  • About the Project:

    Volunteer Traditions, a popular online apparel retailer, needed to implement an on-site credit card processing shopping cart. They were previously only using PayPal, which is a cumbersome process for most customers. Due to the number of daily orders, it was imperative that the current site stay active during the transition.  In addition, we needed to update their version of WordPress and their shopping cart plug-in.

    After a lot of research and contemplation, we finally decided to do a fairly large overhaul. Though the site looks almost exactly the same on the front-end, it’s operating much better on the  back-end. Most importantly, the customer experience is exceptionally better.

    Modern Spark takes no credit for the design of the website.The main task was implementing the new shopping cart, updating WordPress, backing up and transferring the database, and adding several updated features like the interactive slideshow.