Do I really need a website?

Your website is almost always the first thing people see. In the eyes of the web searcher, some companies are invisible, some are dirty, some are unprofessional, and some are outstanding and worthy of their business. Having a great website is crucial to anyone that takes their project, business or organization seriously. Your website is arguably the most important investment you can make.

How do we get started?

Almost every project starts with a simple phone or email conversation. Based on our conversation, you’ll receive a basic proposal with a quote. Before we get started, most clients in the Nashville area prefer to meet face-to-face to discuss the project, though this is optional. We’ll discuss your needs, sketch out some ideas, and review similar projects. A 50% down-payment is required to start your project, which can be mailed or provided at the meeting.

How long does it usually take to build a website?

The average website is complete within 4 to 8 weeks. Larger projects may take longer. The most time-consuming aspect of web design is communication – the faster we communicate, the faster the project is complete. It’s also imperative that you have your content ready before the project starts to ensure a timely launch.

What do I need to do for the website?

Before you invest in your project, you’ll want to make sure you have content and ideas ready. This includes:

  • Copy / Text — about us, history, news articles, press clippings, and contact information
  • Photos or Videos — hi-resolution digital photos and videos
  • Logo
  • Documents — PDF, DOC, etc
  • Color Scheme Ideas — usually matches your logo
  • Examples of Websites You Like

This will take some time to gather, but it will make the process much quicker and easier. It’s best to have this information before you even make contact with your web designer.

Why should I work with Modern Spark? My nephew is good with computers, I bet he can make a website.

There are dozens of web design firms, freelancers and nephews that create websites. The focus here isn’t just websites or graphics or marketing. The goal is to create a lasting relationship that allows your business or organization to thrive long-term. Almost 100% of the Modern Spark client list is a long-term client, meaning they either haveĀ  an ongoing contract, send referrals or repeatedly come back for additional marketing materials or consultation. Every client knows they can call or send an email and talk to a trusted source. This isn’t a fly-by-night web design guy that randomly disappears – it’s a deep-rooted business relationship.

Will my website be search engine-friendly?

Yes. Search engine results can make or break your business, so it is a primary focus when developing your website. WordPress, the platform used for every Modern Spark website, is ideal for search engines due to its “permalink” structure, built-in blogging features and plug-ins. If you really want to boost your traffic, frequent blogging is recommended.

Do you offer website maintenance service?

Yes, definitely. If you aren’t interested in maintaining or updating your website on your own, you just email your updates and they are added to your site within 72 hours or less during normal business hours. Maintenance packages are very popular and easier for most clients.

If you do not purchase a maintenance package, it is your responsibility to keep your website up-to-date and to prevent hackers and mal-ware. Make sure you have someone ready to update the website each month and monitor the website for security breaches.

Will I be able to update my own website?

Absolutely. All of Modern Spark’s projects are built around the WordPress platform to allow for easier content management. WordPress has been at the heart of every Modern Spark website project since 2008, which has really allowed ample time to learn the platform. While there are other content management systems out there (such as Joomla), WordPress is the focus here.

Do you work with any other platforms besides WordPress?

Every website by Modern Spark is built solely on WordPress. Support for other platforms, including seemingly easy out-of-the-box options, are not supported. By focusing strictly on WordPress, it allows for optimal focus, understanding, and advancement.

My old site just needs some tweaks. Do you do that?

I usually only create custom-built websites from the ground up. This approach allows me to know the ins and outs of the code, graphics, and layout. I rarely do tweaks to pre-existing websites designed by someone else. In most cases, we start completely over and build something brand new. If your websites is already on WordPress, you can keep your current content since most of it is stored in a database, but we’ll add new graphics and code to get it up-to-date.

How many people work at Modern Spark?

Modern Spark is mostly a solo operation carried out by myself, Josh Gilmore.

What other services do you offer?

Modern Spark Media focuses on Web development, graphic design, search engine optimization, marketing and multimedia. Typical projects include: websites, logos, brochures, business cards, posters, Facebook design, Craigslist design, search engine article marketing, and press releases.