Social Media Monday: Facebook Photos

Modern Spark Media will now have Social Media Monday where we will give you tips and tricks regarding the obvious and not so obvious facets to social media. Today, you will learn about the Facebook profile photos and cover photos for your businesses’ Facebook page.

On April 26, 2012, Facebook will once again change the size of the profile image for business pages.


The new profile image will be:

Pixels: 160×160
From Left: 23 pixels
From Top: 210 pixels

Cover Photo will remain:

Width: 851 pixels
Height: 315 pixels
Size: less than 100 kilobytes for highest quality & quickest load time

There have been three recent struggles with Facebook’s new profile layout.

  • The profile photo isn’t big enough.
  • The cover photos are hard to create without design experience.
  • When you land on a page, it only shows the bottom half of the cover photo.

I believe the first issue is being addressed on April 26, 2012 with the increased size of the profile image. This should help businesses that have a horizontal logo, but will increasing the size from 125×125 to 160×160 really be that dramatic? Not really! I suggest people always have a logo that can be interchangeable into vertical, horizontal or square dimensions when needed.

Second, people have been up in arms about the new cover photo forced on Facebook business profiles. Business owners that aren’t familiar with Photoshop, InDesign or another design software are finding it hard to create a cover photo that looks right. Maybe Facebook is trying to create more work for graphic designers? Well, in that case, they did create more work for graphic designers when they changed all business pages over to the cover photo layout on March 30, 2012. But, now some of those cover photos will have to be redone because of the bigger profile photo being implemented on April 26, 2012.

Finally, what’s up with only seeing half the cover photo when you land on a Facebook page? How does that make any sense? At first, I was annoyed and thought I should create cover photos that only occupied the bottom half of the 851×315 pixels. Then, I realized everyone was just assuming people would scroll up if they really wanted to see the entire cover photo. Therefore, it seems everyone is okay with only half of their cover photo being seen and are creating a design covering the entire cover photo. I am over it now, but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

I think most people are hoping this is the last Facebook layout change for a while, but we should always appreciate Facebook’s constant effort to improve!

posted on 04/23/12
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