Importance of Blogging

Many clients ask, “what’s the best way to get better search results?” – my response is always “start blogging.”

My Personal Case Study

I like to provide direction based on case studies that I conduct versus simply assuming what I have read is true. I have read numerous times that blogging is extremely important for search engine results, but I personally wasn’t positively sure how effective it was because most sites that I monitor do very little blogging.  I was pretty confident in my sources, but, nevertheless, my fiance and I decided to conduct our own study with a niche website that we wanted to create anyway.

The niche website we created was very news-oriented, so it was easy to come up with content and begin blogging immediately. We wrote a lot of content over the course of several months, hoping to see a bump in traffic at some point. For months there was little hope without running Google Ads. While Google Ads were running, traffic was pretty steady, but as soon as the ad campaigns were paused, traffic was dead… until New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve week was the best we had seen because we had written several blog posts about NYE happenings around town, which we had written BEFORE other competing websites. Since we were on top of things, Google searches said “hey, this looks really relevant to me!”, and we began getting organic traffic for New Year’s Eve searches. (Organic traffic means no advertising and strictly from search engines… the good ol’ fashion way)

Check out this Google Analytics traffic screenshot of the last several months (click to enlarge):

Google Analytics Blogging Proof

In the screenshot above, you can obviously see the steady growth over the last sever months. It basically goes from 2 hits a day to 40 hits a day and climbing. If you converted 1% of your visitors every day with even just 40 hits a day (4 people), how much would that increase your business? What if you had 500 hits a day?

After that bump (which you can clearly see in the middle of the image above), we began seeing steady growth.The more we blogged, the more hits we’d get.

But why?

Keyword phrases.

The more content you create, the more keyword phrases you end up having. So you may not get traffic for your main keyword phrase “roofing in tennessee,” but you may rank #1 for “best gutters in nashville” and “shingle stores in nashville.” Since the competition for “roofing in tennessee” is probably pretty high, you’re fighting a losing battle. But if you can rank #1 for hundreds or thousands of keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, you might be better off anyway.

WordPress and Its Amazingness (new word)

If you are using a blogging platform like WordPress that allows post tags, categories, archives, etc, you are in really good shape because of the permalink structure. The permalink is simply the URL for the blog post or tag, which usually contains the keyword phrases. These can be generated automatically for you based on your blog post titles (as well as page, categories, tags and other titles), or you can edit them to match a better keyword phrase. Google loves relevant URLs, and blog posts are ideal for this.

For example, if you wrote a blog post called “10 Things to Do in Charlotte NC,” your URL would be something like:

Google is probably going to see that, and send people to your blog who search for “things to do in charlotte”.

The Gist

The point is to write great content if you want traffic. It needs to be new and unique content, too, not copied and pasted from somewhere else. If you really want to boost your website traffic, start blogging today. You have to make your website work for you, or hire someone to help you.

posted on 03/03/11
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